The publishing activity of the Institute De Republica is one of the pillars of our activities. We use the most advanced editorial and promotional methods in order to propagate the knowledge in the field of social sciences and humanities. The substantive assessment of each publication is provided by the Scientific Council and invited experts.

The IDR Publishing House, as an integral unit of the Institute, focuses on developing cooperation with universities and the most important analytical and research centres from all over the world. Its activity involves the popularisation of Polish scientific thought in Poland and, due to translations into foreign languages, also abroad. The cooperation with foreign institutions is intended to facilitate readers’ access to publications that were previously unavailable or otherwise difficult to obtain.

Since 22 July 2021, the IDR Publishing House has been included in the register of publishing houses that publish peer-reviewed scientific monographs (80 points). The full text of the Minister of Education and Science announcement, together with the annex listing all other scored publications, is available on the Ministry’s website.