How to publish

Submissions are made by emailing the text to: By submitting the text to the publishing house, the author declares that the work neither infringes the copyright of other persons nor contains illegal content, and the text is duly completed. The submitted work is verified by an anti-plagiarism programme ( The submitted text should be the most up-to-date version – new versions of the files will not be accepted, any changes should be applied to the publishing version. The files should be in doc or docx format.  

Subsequently, in accordance with the established rules, the work is submitted for review. After receiving the review, the IDR Publishing House forwards it to the author, who has the right to respond in writing to the reviewer’s comments. Following this stage, a decision is taken on whether the work will be published. In the case of a positive decision, the publishing house concludes an agreement with the author concerning the transfer or purchase of copyright.  

The text is subsequently passed for editing and editorial correction, both of which are carried out on the file in a change tracking mode and forwarded to the author for review. At this stage the author may submit corrections to the editor. The edited text is submitted for typesetting. Then, the second editorial correction is carried out. After this stage, the author receives a PDF file for the author’s correction (who submits amendments and approves the final version of the text).