The Institute

Our ambition is to support Polish scientists and promote their achievements

The Institute De Republica was established by the Prime Minister’s Order no. 12 of 16 February 2021 and it is under the direct authority of the Prime Minister.

The main tasks of the Institute include unlocking the potential of Polish science by promoting and popularising Polish research thought in the field of the humanities and social sciences, as well as creating mechanisms and social capital to organise around the idea of statehood.  

The Institute De Republica aspires to become a modern expert, promotional and publishing centre for fields of science which are undervalued in the country and abroad, although being of great importance for proper understanding of history and social phenomena.

The highest level of performed tasks is guaranteed by the Scientific Council, as well as by a group of international experts invited to cooperate in specific projects. Another equally important aspect in this respect is the cooperation with universities, research and analysis institutes from Poland and all over the world.