How to obtain patronage?

  1. The Institute De Republica (hereinafter: the Institute) shall only grant patronage to projects within the scope of its activities.
  2. The decision to grant patronage is taken by the Director of the Institute.
  3. The Institute shall not grant patronage to ventures of purely commercial or advertising nature. The Institute may provide patronage to a venture organised by a commercial entity only if such a venture guarantees a high professional level, is not directly profit oriented and is considered important with regard to the Institute’s tasks.
  4. In the case of cyclical projects, the Institute’s patronage should be each time requested.
  5. The granting of patronage does not imply a declaration of financial, material or organisational support of the Institute for the organiser.
  6. The Institute shall reserve the right to refuse patronage without giving any justification.
  7. The organiser should submit a request for patronage at least 3 weeks before the scheduled commencement of the venture. In particularly justified cases, the Director of the Institute may grant patronage to projects not complying with the above condition.
  8. The granting of patronage shall only be considered upon requests submitted online. Requests should be submitted by filling in the form available on the website.
  9. The organiser who has been granted patronage has the right to use the Institute’s logo in information and promotional materials concerning the venture (including the duration of the patronaged event). All materials in which the Institute’s logo will be used are subject to the approval of the Institute’s Popularisation Team.
  10. All promotional services concerning ventures under the Institute’s patronage are subject to separate arrangements between the organiser and the Institute’s Popularisation Team.
  11. The participation of the Institute’s representative in the event and delivering a lecture regarding the currently implemented programmes and/or the subject matter related to the patronised event is subject to separate arrangements.
  12. In the case of ventures for which its participants are charged, the Institute may delegate its representative to participate in the event, provided that the subject matter of the venture falls beyond the commercial purposes of the organiser and also aims to promote values or content which are consistent with the goals of the Institute’s activities. In such a case, the Institute may expect a fee from the organiser to cover the expenses of its participation (including preparation for the lecture, working out the materials, arranging the presentation and the delegation).