Opinions and Analyses

The series “Opinions and Analyses of the Institute De Republica” comprises on-line publications in the formula of open access, focused on specific issues in the field of humanities and social sciences. Thematic framework of the series is determined by four main fields: history, culture, political science and law, while the studies not included in the aforementioned fields will be published in the category varia. “Opinions and Analyses of the Institute De Republica” will provide a scientific and practical view on the most important issues frequently discussed in public domain. The historical issues addressed will also serve to emphasise the undeniable connections between the past and the present.

All published studies are authored by eminent scientists from academic and research centres in Poland, who are distinguished by their knowledge and scientific achievements in a particular field. All papers will be available in Polish and English language versions.

We encourage you to send text proposals to the following e-mail address: l.golab@iderepublica.pl.