The Statute of the Institute De Republica

§ 1

The Institute De Republica, hereinafter referred to as the ”Institute”, is a state budgetary unit under the authority of the Prime Minister, conducting publishing, scientific and popularisation activities.

§ 2

The seat of the Institute is Warsaw.

§ 3

The subject of the Institute’s activities includes:

  1. conducting publishing and documenting work;
  2. cooperation with the scientific community, including universities and institutions engaged in promoting the development of Polish scientific publications;
  3. promoting Polish scientific publications in Poland and abroad, also in cooperation with public authorities;
  4. conducting researches and analyses of issues commissioned by the Prime Minister;
  5. organising and conducting national and international conferences, seminars and working groups;
  6. organising educational and training projects;
  7. maintaining and developing databases related to the Institute’s activities.
§ 4
  1. The Institute shall be headed by a Director assisted by a maximum of two Deputy Directors and coordinators of the organisational units, referred to in § 9.
  2. The Director shall determine the scope of duties of the persons referred to in § 1.
  3. The Director may authorise the persons referred to in § 1, as well as other employees of the Institute, to conduct activities on his or her behalf within the specified scope.
§ 5

The Director and Deputy Directors shall be appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister.

§ 6

The Director’s tasks shall include, in particular:

  1. heading the Institute, organising and coordinating the performance of tasks by its organisational units;
  2. representing the Institute outside in matters concerning its scope of activities;
  3. managing the property of the Institute in a manner that ensures the performance of its statutory tasks;
  4. preparing publishing plans;
  5. preparing and presenting to the Prime Minister annual reports on the performance of the Institute’s tasks and the implementation of its financial plan;
  6. preparing draft directions of publishing, scientific and popularisation activities conducted by the Institute;
  7. determining the organisational regulations of the Institute defining its internal structure and the detailed scope of tasks of its organisational units and independent positions;
  8. establishing the work regulations, the regulations on the remuneration of the members of the Scientific Council and other internal regulations, the issuance of which is provided for in separate provisions;
  9. approving, after obtaining the Scientific Council’s opinion, the regulations concerning the management of copyright and related rights.
§ 7
  1. The Institute shall have a Scientific Council performing advisory and consultative functions.
  2. The tasks of the Scientific Council shall include in particular:
    • issuing opinions concerning publishing proposals;
    • issuing opinions concerning proposals for permanent cooperation between the Institute and other entities;
    • approving directions of scientific activities;
    • issuing opinions concerning the rules of managing copyright and related rights;
    • issuing opinions concerning the draft of the annual financial plan and the report on the implementation of the annual financial plan;
    • adopting the regulations of the Scientific Council.
  1. The Scientific Council shall adopt its decision by a simple majority.
  2. The Scientific Council meetings shall be convened by the Director or, in his/her absence, by the Chairperson of the Scientific Council.
§ 8
  1. The Scientific Council shall be composed of between 10 and 30 members.
  2. The members of the Scientific Council shall be appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister.
  3. The Chairperson of the Scientific Council shall be appointed and dismissed, from amongst the members of the Scientific Council, by the Prime Minister.
§ 9
  1. The Institute shall be comprised of the following organisational units:
    • Research Team;
    • Popularisation Team;
    • Publishing Team;
    • Administration and Finance Office.
  2. The Institute shall comprise an Independent Position of Internal Audit Specialist under the direct authority of the Director of the Institute.
§ 10

The Scientific Council members for their participation in the activities of the Council shall be entitled to:

  1. a monthly flat-rate remuneration, as set out in the Scientific Council’s Remuneration Regulations; and
  2. reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses granted pursuant to the provisions on the amount and terms of determination of payments due to an employee of the budgetary unit of the State or the local authorities in relation to business travel in Poland, issued pursuant to Article 775 2 of the Act of 26 June 1974 – Labour Code (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1320).
§ 11
  1. Individuals employed by the Institute shall be subject to the provisions applicable to employees of the budgetary units of the State.
  2. The rules on remuneration of the Institute’s employees are provided for in the regulations on terms and conditions of remuneration and other work-related benefits granted to employees of the budgetary units of the State, issued pursuant to Article 773 1 of the Act of 26 June 1974 – Labour Code.