27 02/22

Spatial property law – comparative legal issues

From 27 February to 1 March 2022, there will be held another conference on issues related to spatial property law organised by the Institute De Republica and the Association for Public Administration Education.

Spatial property law – comparative legal issues

The aim of the meeting is to present the way the so-called spatial (three – dimensional) property issues are regulated in various legal systems and to discuss whether any of the proposed models might become a basis for the implementation of foreign solutions into Polish legal system. 

The scientific outcome of the conference will be published in a peer-reviewed and scored publication of the Institute De Republica Publishing House.

Those who are interested may submit an article on the problems of spatial property in a particular country (legal system) to the address: konferencja.zakopane@iderepublica.pl by 30 January 2022. The article should include approx. 30,000 characters together with a summary in Polish and English.

Those wishing to present a paper should send the indicated article with the presentation by 21 January 2022. The qualification of the paper will be individually decided by the organiser for each submission.