Submit a candidate for the Institute De Republica Award!

The Institute De Republica is launching the first edition of the contest, in which representatives of the world of science and art are awarded. The prize is granted for outstanding achievements in the humanities, social sciences and arts. Applications are accepted until the end of May 2022.

The aim of the Institute’s De Republica Award is to support and promote the most talented young scholars who carry out research in the fields of humanities, social sciences and arts, as well as to recognise outstanding Polish scientists who, through their work, overall scientific achievements and international activities, are a source of inspiration for young generations.

The distinction awarded by the Institute De Republica is both honorary and educational, providing a better insight into the research and oeuvre of Polish scientists. Its objective is to emphasise the reputation and uniqueness of the contribution of all laureates to the development of Polish science.

“The Institute’s De Republica Award is an honorary distinction addressed to Polish scientists, both young and those who have devoted their entire lives to science. Through it, we wish to distinguish and, at the same time, express our special gratitude for providing research inspiration for a large number of specialists in many fields of science. I am convinced that the contest will contribute to the popularisation of Polish science, and due to the received applications, we will be able to learn more about the achievements of scientists who are frequently undervalued in Poland and abroad”. – says dr hab. Bogumił Szmulik, the Director of the Institute De Republica.

The contest is open to young scientists, i.e., persons under 40 years of age, who at the early stage of their career are demonstrating the potential to become leaders in their field as well as all scientists (without age limit) who have significant scientific achievements. Candidates for the Award may be submitted by: universities, basic organizational units of universities, research institutes, scientific units and scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), faculties or committees of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU), scientific associations as well as individuals.

From among the submitted applications, the Contest Committee composed of representatives of the world of science will select the winners in a particular category: humanities, social sciences or arts, for the overall scientific achievements and for international activities.

The laureates of the Award will receive a statuette designed by the outstanding sculptor Maciej Zychowicz, a financial award of PLN 10,000 and the opportunity to publish their own work in the Institute De Republica Publishing House (within 2 years of receiving the Award).

The rules of procedure, which include a detailed description of the contest and a list of all requirements for a correct submission, as well as all documents, are available at