16 02/22

Joseph Conrad Fellowship | Taming the end of the world

“Taming the end of the world” – this is the title of the next open event within the Joseph Conrad Fellowship. On 16 February, we would like to invite you to a meeting with the writer Dominika Słowik.

Joseph Conrad Fellowship | Taming the end of the world

The first semester of the Joseph Conrad Fellowship scheme is conducted under the motto: “Cartography of modernity – where is Poland on the map?”. This time, we will look for the places of our experiences with modernity in the prose of Dominika Słowik.

With the author nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award for her debut Atlas: Doppelganger (2015) and the winner of the Polityka Passports for her novel Zimowla (2019), we will discuss the image of Poland – the real and the imagined – at the dawn of the millennium.

The author’s latest collection of short stories, entitled Samosiejki, begins with the words: “First I lost my sight”. The same anxiety and conviction that something inevitable is coming is constantly present in Słowik’s writing. Whether it is the collapse of the local world or the vision of a climate catastrophe – the path leading through modernity turns out to be one of fear and uncertainty. Where do these experiences come from? Can they be remedied? And how can we tame the end of the world? Let’s talk about it.

The meeting will be moderated by Krzysztof Cieślik (Instytut Książki).

When: 16 February 2022, 18.00

Where: „Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy”, 25 Bracka Street, Warsaw (3rd fl.).

The event will take a hybrid form. The broadcast will be made available on Facebook and Youtube.

Media patrons: Kwartalnik Literacki „Wyspa” and Instytut Literatury.


LINK TO THE BROADCAST: https://youtu.be/JRj15GZRyrM