Polityka energetyczna i klimatyczna Unii Europejskiej (Energy and climate policy of the European Union)

Scientific editors: Bogumił Szmulik, Łukasz Gołąb

Ensuring the continuity and reliability of fuel and energy supplies is an important challenge facing the modern state, both in terms of guaranteeing its sovereignty in the international aspect, and in terms of guaranteeing fundamental civil rights and freedoms (the right to a decent life), protecting public order and, finally, in terms of its responsibility for the proper state of the economy. Moreover, there is no doubt that the energy sector has a significant impact on the environment, including climate change. For this reason, the necessity of taking into account environmental protection requirements in the energy sector does not raise any doubts, however, the issue of an acceptable level of such protection, its instruments and the necessary balance with other objectives of regulating the economy needs to be resolved.

In view of the great significance of the energy sector for the functioning of modern civilisation, the development and subsequent implementation of energy policy and related climate policy must take into account the entire context and significance of the energy sector in its global, national and regional aspects. This involves such key issues as, for instance, the economic and social costs of the energy transformation, consideration of the potential and opportunities in this area on the part of individual Member States, the impact of the transformation on the competitiveness of the European economy, ensuring energy security regarded also as an element of national security of the Member States and their citizens, as well as stimulating economic and technological development.

Since the competences related to the regulation of the aforementioned issues are differently divided between the EU and its Member States, it seems justified to carry out a critical analysis of the legal basis, aims, instruments and hitherto assumptions for the development of the EU energy and climate policy from the interdisciplinary perspective. The scientific monograph “Energy and climate policy of the European Union” edited by dr hab. Bogumił Szmulik and Łukasz Gołąb attempts to discuss this complex and multithreaded subject matter, presenting studies by eminent Polish experts, researchers of the European Union functioning and its policies.

Publishing premiere: 2022