20 March 2022

Humanitarian Law. Challenges in the face of conflicts and crises in the East

Should the existing global protection system for victims of war be strengthened? How can the need for special protection of groups endangered by violations of their rights and freedoms during armed conflicts and migration crises be promoted and realised? Does the current system of prosecuting perpetrators of violations of humanitarian law remain effective in bringing to justice the perpetrators of humanitarian crises? These questions, inter alia, were attempted to be answered by experts during the nationwide scientific conference “Humanitarian Law. Challenges in the face of conflicts and crises in the East”, which was held on 18 March 2022 in Warsaw.

Humanitarian Law. Challenges in the face of conflicts and crises in the East

In the 21st century, states face new challenges on the geopolitical map of armed conflicts. The accompanying global humanitarian crises have become an enormous problem for the international community, which raises the question of the role of legal tools against the actions of entities that violate the standards of humanitarian law. The international humanitarian law, by definition, protects the victims of armed conflicts and provides standards limiting the ways in which armed actions are carried out as well as the use of certain weapons. In order to ensure that this law is respected in times of war, its knowledge must be disseminated in times of peace. Bearing in mind the importance of the test that international legal regulations undergo nowadays, the organisers of the conference invite you to start a debate, the direction of which is determined by the key issues for the international community concerning armed conflict and the phenomenon of refugees.

The objective of the conference was to encourage all governmental and non-governmental entities, security practitioners and experts to disseminate knowledge as well as education regarding the international humanitarian law.

The organisers: the Faculty of Law and Administration at the UKSW, the Academic Circle of International Law and Human Rights at the UKSW, the Institute De Republica and the C.H. Beck publishing house.

Photo: Julia Kapłon