18 January 2022

Climate and energy policy of the European Union

On 14 January 2022, the Second European Seminar of the Institute De Republica was held. During the meeting, experts discussed the climate and energy policy of the European Union.

dr hab. Bogumił Szmulik

The meeting was attended among others by dr Michał Będkowski-Kozioł (WPiA UKSW), who delivered a lecture “Podstawy prawne polityki klimatycznej i energetycznej Unii Europejskiej” (“Legal bases of the EU climate and energy policy”); dr hab. Zbigniew Bukowski, university professor (Vice-Chancellor of the UKW in Bydgoszcz), who presented a paper “Europejskie prawo o klimacie w świetle zasady zrównoważonego rozwoju”(“European climate law in the light of the principle of sustainable development”); Paweł Sałek (Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland on environmental protection, climate policy and sustainable development) who delivered a lecture „Polityka klimatyczna UE” (“EU climate policy”); and dr Leszek Karski (WPiA UKSW), who discussed “Sprawiedliwa transformacja w kontekście zasady zrównoważonego rozwoju” (“Fair transformation in the context of the principle of sustainable development”). 

The European Seminars of the Institute De Republica are cyclical meetings to discuss issues related to currently observed legal, social and economic problems occurring on the European continent. The first seminar, held in 2021, concerned the idea of the European Union and its future.