8 November 2021

New scholarship for humanists – the recruitment process has already started

The Institute De Republica has launched a new scholarship scheme for young humanists. Its participants will receive financial support, take part in a series of meetings and a summer school. Submit your project – you have time only until 24 November!

New scholarship for humanists – the recruitment process has already started

The Joseph Conrad Fellowship is a comprehensive scholarship scheme which has never been held in Poland before. It consists of several elements:

  • implementation of their own scientific and artistic projects by the participants;
  • monthly financial support in the amount of PLN 750 gross;
  • a series of lectures and seminars with the most eminent Polish and foreign representatives of the world of culture and science;
  • a summer school during which participants will work on their individual projects in workshop groups led by tutors;
  • publishing of peer-reviewed texts developed during the Programme by the Institute De Republica Publishing House.

We invite all young humanists, students and artists (up to 35 years old) interested in contemporary cultural, social and economic changes.

In addition to regular financial support, the participants will be offered the opportunity to take part in lectures and closed workshops during which they will jointly explore and then discuss the ideas and phenomena that shape modernity.

Joseph Conrad is for us, above all, one of the first witnesses and chroniclers of the modern world. Moreover, we perceive Conrad as an inventor of a language capable of describing this new world. The Joseph Conrad Fellowship’s task is to follow the same path – to learn new languages, narratives and categories of description, to test them and thanks to that to understand better the surrounding reality.

Each semester will be dedicated to a specific theme. In the winter semester 2021/2021 the theme is: Cartography of modernity – where is Poland on the world map?



First meetings:


prof. Robert Hampson | Royal Holloway, University of London

Joseph Conrad Today


prof. Marek Cichocki | Collegium Civitas

“Will be Poles? Polish ways of life and the end the end of history”


prof. Tomasz Kizwalter | University of Warsaw

Polish road to Modernity – ordinary or exceptional?

Lecture and seminar venue: „Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy. Dom Innowacji Społecznych”, Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich (3rd fl.), 25 Bracka Str., Warsaw.

Time: 18.00 – 21.00.

Full programme of lectures and seminars will be revealed soon.

More details, rules of participation and application form can be found here

Please note that places are limited. Do not hesitate to apply today.

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