14 12/21

Theology and Politics: St. Thomas Aquinas

On 14 December 2021, a scientific session “Theology and Politics: St. Thomas Aquinas” will be held at the Thomistic Institute in Warsaw.

Theology and Politics: St. Thomas Aquinas

The meeting will be devoted to issues related to law and politics in Aquinas’ view. The lectures will be delivered by: dr hab. Mateusz Przanowski OP, Director of the Thomistic Institute, dr Bartosz Zalewski, of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin, Rev. dr Adam Machowski, of the Kolegium Jagiellońskie Toruńskiej Szkoły Wyższej (KJ-TSW) in Toruń, and Fr. dr Michał Mrozek.

The special guest of the session will be Prof. François Daguet OP, the French theologian, who will deliver a lecture on “Politics according to St. Thomas Aquinas”.

The meeting will be divided into two parts, each of them will be followed by a discussion.