12 01/22

Joseph Conrad Fellowship | Polish road to modernity – ordinary or exceptional?

On 12 January 2022, another lecture as part of the Joseph Conrad Fellowship will be delivered. This time, our guest will be Prof. Tomasz Kizwalter. We invite you to a lecture and discussion on models of Polish modernity.

Joseph Conrad Fellowship | Polish road to modernity – ordinary or exceptional?

After Prof. Robert Hampson’s inaugural lecture on Joseph Conrad and his confrontations with modernity, the time has come for the second open event within the Joseph Conrad Fellowship scheme.

Professor Tomasz Kizwalter, an eminent historian and expert on the 19th century, will lecture on the meanders of Polish modernity. He will explain where to look for the sources of modernisation, which models of thinking about the modern world have shaped our collective consciousness and what has determined that we are such and not others.

– At the forefront there was the issue of collective identity and its redefinition in the face of social democratisation, as well as the agrarian question, i.e., the increasingly evident necessity to transform the socio-economic relations in agriculture. Those two major issues placed Poland on the European and world map of the modernisation processes, claims Prof. Tomasz Kizwalter.


On 12 January 2022, at 6 p.m. we will argue about whether the Polish model of modernity is exceptional or ordinary. The lecture will be followed by an open discussion with the participation of the audience.


We invite you to „Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy. Dom Innowacji Społecznych”, Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich (3rd fl.), 25 Bracka Street, Warsaw.

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