16 03/22

Joseph Conrad Fellowship | Poland – an autonomous form or an imitation of the West?

On 16 March 2022 at 18.00, another open event will take place as part of the Joseph Conrad Fellowship scheme. This time, together with experts – architect Łukasz Galusek and sociologist Łukasz Moll – we will talk about identity, cultural, geographical transformations of Poland and Europe.

Joseph Conrad Fellowship | Poland – an autonomous form or an imitation of the West?

Today, when the crisis has become not only a reference point for diagnosing the spiritual condition of the Old Continent, but a permanent experience of European societies, we need to understand anew the system of references and dependencies in which Poland functions. The war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia is deconstructing the world order – but is it an opening for a new European order? What role will Poland play in this conflict, which is sometimes referred to as a “clash of civilisations” by hasty publicists? How will the European world be changed by the next wave of migration?

We will discuss together what the partitions of Poland have taken away and what they have left behind; how the stronger shapes the identity of the weaker (and vice versa); what national borders actually are and how they are established; as well as who invented Central and Eastern Europe and who invented Western Europe.

The guests of the meeting will be:

Łukasz Galusek – architect and publisher, deputy director for programme affairs at the International Cultural Centre in Kraków since 2018,

            Łukasz Moll – philosopher, sociologist, assistant professor at the Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław.

The event will take a hybrid form. We will meet stationary and online. The broadcast will be made available on Facebook and YouTube.

Free admission!

When: 16 March 2022, at 18.00

Where: „Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy”, 25 Bracka Street, Warsaw (3rd fl.).

Media patrons: Kwartalnik Literacki „Wyspa” and Instytut Literatury.

The Joseph Conrad Fellowship scheme is organised by the Institute De Republica.