21 10/22

The limits of security

The security of the state is not only extremely important but also exceptionally current element connected with the functioning of the Republic of Poland. Present events concerning the situation on Poland’s border with Belarus, as well as on the border between Ukraine and Russia, call for a closer analysis of these phenomena. The aspect related to Europe’s energy security in the context of the Nord Stream 2 operation is also of significance here.

Granice bezpieczeństwa

Therefore, the Institute De Republica has decided to organise a scientific conference on 21-22 April 2022, the subject of which will be broadly defined issues related to state security in the context of the situation on the eastern border of the country. The purpose of the event will be to explore the legal, political as well as economic issues connected with the crisis on the eastern border of the state.

It is no coincidence that the scientific conference “The limits of security” will be held in the border town of Włodawa, which borders both Belarus and Ukraine. The town is a practical example of the functioning of the state in the area under a state of emergency, and currently the zone covered by the prohibition on staying in a specific area in the border area adjacent to the state border with the Republic of Belarus.

The conference aims to combine, in particular, legal and political analysis with the practical experience of both the government and local government administration, as well as uniformed services involved in activities in the border area.