20 09/21

“Construction Law – Spatial Property Law” conference

On 20 – 21 September 2021, a scientific conference “Construction Law – Spatial Property Law” will be held. The event is organised by the Institute De Republica and the Association for Education of Public Administration.

“Construction Law – Spatial Property Law” conference

In the Polish legal system spatial property has not been directly regulated. Nevertheless, part of the doctrine, presumably also acting on the basis of the market analysis, points out the need to create a legal framework for the so-called spatial separation of ownership so that the spatial property could be attributed to specified entities.  

Such a task is not simple. It involves a number of problems, the basic ones concerning the choice of the model of changes, the necessity of interference in the basic institutions of law and the very scope of this interference, as well as the resulting ones connected with the maintenance of cadastres or land and mortgage registers. The discourse of both scientific and practical character should indicate the directions the legislator may follow, at the same time pointing out their advantages and disadvantages.

This conference is exceptional in many respects. It is the first scientific event of the Association for Education of Public Administration (Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Administracji Publicznej) conducted in the formula of an interdisciplinary open conference, targeted at practitioners, which joins civil and administrative law approaches.